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    When you can’t source the right tool you need for a job, or can’t afford to buy one, what do you do?

    One answer is to get hold of ‘dead’ tools and give them a new lease of life. If like me you’re into […]

  • ThumbnailA few things I came across stacked/arranged nearby or on walls recently. Got any photos of walls and stuff? Post em!





  • Being a designer and researcher of data communication I like to keep up with developments in the field. Naturally it makes me wonder where things will go next. Where is innovation happening? (Yes, I’m asking you […]

  • Hi Gavin,

    The figures indicate daylight missions were only marginally safer than the night ones:

    night = 2.5% loss rate
    day = 1.15% loss rate

    (these are average percentages so don’t really give a […]

  • I’ve been at Lincoln since 2007 and I’m programme leader for MA Graphic Design, where I look after the daily management of the programme. Between 2010-2013 I was Programme Leader for BA (Hons) Graphic Design.

    My broad interest is visual communication affecting human behaviour. My practice and research area is storytelling and data visualisation.


    Part of a series of information display panels created for the launch of the Bomber Command Memorial, London, exhibited at the House of Commons 

    Before teaching I worked as a junior and senior graphic designer on communications and promotional material design for blue chip companies, charities and public sector organisations. Aside from all this I’m generally quite a creatively driven fellow, I’ve worked as a graphic artist on publicly funded community consultation projects, I’ve exhibited photographs and illustrations and I’m currently studying for a PhD.


    Monumental Language, a series of epigraphs relating to news media, language and power. Exhibited at the Lincoln Frequency Festival


    Feel the Feeling, one of a series of billboards for a community intervention project, exhibited in Stoke on Trent

    Pioneers, book production for an arts and educational charity

    Space Between Us, at the Erasure exhibition, Stoke City Gallery



    Stories through data


  • How do we judge the resonance of data visualisations? Your comments and suggestions are invited! 

    Data visualisation and resonance may not be the most obvious bedfellows. Resonance, in a communications context, […]

  • Level three BA (Hons) Graphic Design student Ryan Vardy has designed a brand identity for the School of Pharmacy at the University of Lincoln.

    Dr. Graham Lappin at the School of Pharmacy said ‘Being such a […]

  • Alberto Manguel writes about reading and readers, shares his Notes Towards a Definition of the Ideal Reader.

    I recently thought about stories in data visualisation as being like vignettes, like an entry point […]

  • Level 3 BA (Hons) Graphic Design students at the University of Lincoln Helen Finlinson, Danielle Cowell and James Robins have designed a destination brand identity for Market Rasen, Lincolnshire – one of the […]

  • ThumbnailWhilst in New York City last week I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda Cox, Graphics Editor at the New York Times, to ask her some questions around storytelling and data visualisation. This was a busy week in news […]

  • Hi Marsha,

    Thanks for your comment, and yes I agree that the *why* needs to be a logical next step. One thing I’m aiming to do, after I’ve classified a lot more samples, is to look for patterns or gaps say in the […]

  • ThumbnailRecently I’ve been thinking about how storytelling and data visualisation relate. There’s increased attention to storytelling in the data visualisation scene: Tapestry, the first conference specifically about […]

  • I came across 2 articles about storytelling on the same day this week, one by Jonathan Corum related to the recent Tapestry conference (on Storytelling and Data Visualisation) and the other from Emma Coates at […]

  • ThumbnailA much needed update about new project developments.

    Since I’m researching around data visualisation and storytelling I found that it’s a complex but, I believe, really rich area for developing practice.

    One […]

  • We were extremely pleased in welcoming Lincoln graduate Tom Lovell back this week, to share his experience and insights with our second year students.

    Tom left us in 2009 and was one of that year’s featured […]

  • Leanne Kitchen, level 3 student on the BA (Hons) Graphic Design course at the University of Lincoln, has designed a new brand identity for the Network Rail Great Northern Great Eastern Alliance.

    Leanne’s […]

  • We’re building an Alumni page for Graphic Design graduates from the Lincoln School of Art & Design/University of Lincoln – if that’s you and you can help us please scroll down to find out more…You can also join the ever growing Alumni Facebook group 

    BA (Hons) Graphic Design Alumni — 2010
    Tom Pollard

    Logotype for polar explorer, Ben Saunders
    I started working full time at Studio8 in December 2010, joining fellow Lincoln-er Steve Fenn. Since starting I have worked on a number of projects, one being Shop magazine mentioned below.

    As part of the identity we created extra branded elements, including maps.
    The Ben Saunder’s project is something I worked on whilst interning at Studio8, then was lucky enough to work on afterwards at Applied Works (Studio8 for the Identity, Applied Works for the digital design). Ben embarked on his latest expedition to the North Pole earlier this week:


    Custom typeface also created for the identity.

    Plasma screen graphics for Olympia Ski & Snowboard Show (worked on whilst at Applied Works)
    Currently we are working on a number of editorial projects, one of which being a 300 page book for Laurence King called the Menswear Sourcebook.

    BA (Hons) Graphic Design Alumni — 2009
    Steve Fenn

    Shop 2010 city guides. Shop Magazine is a series of worldwide shopping/travel guides, published by Global Blue.
    I’m working at Studio8 Design in London as a Graphic Designer.

    Currently we’re working on a number of editorial and identity projects. One being the design and art direction of a series of city guides published by Global Blue. Last year there were 30, this year there will be 80. This also involves commissioning cover illustration.

    FUTU ideas magazine. We were asked by Polish publishers FUTU to design the template and art direct their new series of books, FUTU IDEAS. The first in the series, HOME, was designed by myself with the following issues designed in house.
    I’m also working on a 200 page book called The Fundamentals of Printed Textile Design for the publishers AVA.

    My LinkedIn:


    Tom Lovell

    The Cambridge School of Art have a set of summer school courses for eager undergrads to get their teeth into. To keep the content more structured it was split in two. The first section held application details and the obligatory content. This left as much room as possible for the important bits in the larger format section, using bold images to celebrate all the courses on offer.
    Tom Lovell graduated from LSAD in 2009 with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design. Whilst there he managed to win D&AD Best in New blood, 1st Prize at the Sh! Awards and a British Book Design & Production Award. Along with these accolades he was also featured in Creative Review’s Best Graduate edition and won the chance to design the front cover to boot.

    After graduating, Tom landed a job at creative agency The District working with a wide range of clients across print & web. After a year in this role he decided to make the move to London and was soon snapped up by renowned agency The Partners.


    Total Arts is organised to introduce children with disabilities to theatre. To cut through the generic flyers that are usually associated with this sort of project, focus was put on the objects used on the courses.
    On the side, Tom also runs The Frontroom Gallery, regularly writes articles for D&AD, and is one half of the initiative Keep-Us-Busy with fellow graduate Shaun Hughes.

    My LinkedIn is


    Rhiannon Mair Jones

    After finishing at Lincoln in 09 I interned at Plastique Magazine, Red Magazine and a small agency called Alpha Design & Marketing before landing a 3 month internship at Warner Music.

    I designed merchandise for Marina & the Diamonds, Biffy Clyro as well as designing their tour ad for NME Magazine.

    After the 3 months I put in a proposal for a job and they created a role for me in Artist Partnerships!

    Since becoming full time I have been designing for Cee Lo Green, Rumer and Biffy Clyro!

    My LinkedIn:


    Anna-Marie Watson
    I graduated from Lincoln in 2009. I now work as a designer at a company called Branch, we’re based just off Great Portland Street in London. I joined Branch as a placement to start off with, in November 2009 and ended up staying! We’re a relatively small team, 5 of us in total.

    A range of publications designed for the Association of British Insurers
    We work on a wide range of things, from identities to window graphics, as well as tackling the corporate jobs which tend to be my area. One of our clients is the Association of British Insurers, so I handle the various documents that come in from them. It’s from this client I have learnt the most; working to tight deadlines and guidelines, it’s done wonders for my typesetting skills!

    Yacht and transport design company Claydon Reeves gave us the task of creating a brand identity that reflected the outstanding quality and high end nature of their work. We also designed a striking content managed website alongside hardback portfolio books to send to their clients.
    There’s nothing like getting your teeth into a good identity though, as you will see from the examples of some of the work I have been involved in.

    My LinkedIn:

    BA (Hons) Graphic Design Alumni — 2008
    Brett Kellett

    Brett graduated from LSAD in 2008 with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design, an ISTD award and exhibited at D&AD New Blood the following summer. Since graduating he has worked for the in-house design team at the British Council, a global charity organisation promoting cultural relations.

    The annual report successfully reaffirmed the British Council’s work in Britain and abroad

    He started in a junior role but quickly worked his way to becoming a key member of the team, taking the lead role designing the 2009–10 annual report, as well as a number of other major projects.

    The design was built on a simple typographic structure created to be clean and clear and not appear excessive

    Brett is also one half of the creative partnership Such a good studio alongside his former studio manager and also works individually under the pseudonym IT CAME FROM THE NORTH. His screen prints are available to buy in various shops around Manchester.

    Screen printed A2 posters

    BA (Hons) Graphic Design Alumni — 2007
    Dan Collier

    Smirnoff Be There Facebook application
    I graduated from Lincoln back in 2007 and am now working in London as a senior designer at digital agency Syzygy after three years at Agency Republic. I won D&AD Best New Blood in 2007 and my work has since been shortlisted for a Cannes Lion and Creative Showcase award.

    Baileys global website
    I have been lucky enough to work with large clients including O2, Playstation and the BBC, designing everything from websites to mobile applications. I am currently working on a number of projects for Barclays Wealth and Mazda

    Typographic Links
    ‘Typographic Links’, the book I made in my final year at Lincoln has attracted a great deal of attention, featuring in numerous publications and websites. The Museum of Modern Art in New York is currently considering it for an exhibition later this year and I am now in the process of creating a brand new edition of the book.

    My website is, my LinkedIn, or you can follow me at

    Rob Pratt
    I graduated from Lincoln in 2007 and now work as a senior designer at a digital media & design agency called Seamless on the South Coast after a stint at a small design agency called Mzuri Design. I have been runner up in the British Book Design & Production Awards and shortlisted for the Graphis Awards.

    I have been fortunate enough to work on projects for HSBC, IBM and Portal Partnerships. I am currently working towards creating a new brand identity for a carbon initiative based in Geneva.

    07 Publication
    07 was designed in my final year at Lincoln, It was decided early on to steer clear of a typical student retrospective or catalogue and create a publication with substance and ‘coffee table’ appeal.


    Crispin Ward
    Branding and art direction for a renowned composer and conductor.

    Identity design

    There is nothing more exciting then getting stuck into a new brand identity. Creating a unique symbol and seeing the client adopt it is a great feeling.

    My linkedIn:, my portfolio website is:, my company website:


    Are you one of our fabulous graduates?
    We want to stay in touch with you, to help you stay in touch with your friends from the course, to invite you to special alumni events and to build a nice big picture of how and where you all are in the world, whether you’ve stayed in Graphic Design or moved on to different career paths. If you are one of our graduates please:

    pass this web-page link on to all the other people from Lincoln that you are still in touch with
    send us a bio of 50-70 words including your name (obviously!), where you’re working now and (if you can) a brief description of what you’re currently working on.
    send a mugshot of yourself (if you will…)
    send 2-3 images of your professional design work (that, of course, you’re cleared to use!) Images @72ppi preferred.
    send details of your LinkedIn profile so that people can connect to your public/professional profile (if you haven’t already got a LinkedIn profile, sign up at – the benefits are many)

    Thanks, the Graphic Design Team.

  • As some of you who’ve followed my blog may already know, I’m a part time PhD student at the London College of Communication. That’s what I do for some of my time, and the rest is taken up running the Graphic […]

  • It couldn’t have been a much nicer and sunnier September day for celebrating the achievements of the class of 2012, who graduated today with their degrees in Graphic Design. A proud moment for the graduates, their […]

  • Tonight saw three of our students commended at the 2012 YCN student awards for their Google packaging design work.

    First a big thanks must go to YCN who hosted a brilliant night, with a great band, heavenly […]

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