It is straightforward to add new users to your university WordPress website. Here are some tips on doing it the right way.

First, in your Dashboard, click on the Users panel. This lists all users who are already members of your site.

To add a new user, click the Add User link in the Users panel. This gives you the option to add one user at a time or multiple users at once.

If the person you are adding to your site is a university student or member of staff – in fact, if they have a university email address – you should add them by their university username. For example, to add Joss Winn (, you would add ‘jwinn’ to either of the username boxes shown above. The important thing to remember is that you should NOT user the full email address for the username. Only use the university username and NOT the email address.

If the person you wish to add to your site does not already have a University of Lincoln username i.e. they are not staff or students at Lincoln, you can still add them to your site in the following way:

First, make up a username for them. For example, if the person is called John Smith, you might give them the username of ‘johnsmith’. Don’t use the same convention for usernames that we use at Lincoln, which is first initial and surname (‘jsmith’) as you may end up adding the wrong John Smith to your site! Give them a username that is unlikely to be already in use at Lincoln. You can always check first by searching for the username you want to give them in our Staff Directory.

When you click ‘Add User’, WordPress will state that it can’t find the user in our staff directory (referred to as ‘LDAP’).

This is good! It means that you can use the username that you’ve created and just need to add their email address. When you enter their address and click ‘Create Local User’, it sends the person an email telling them that they’ve been invited to your site.

Most of the time, you’ll be adding people who are staff and students at Lincoln and therefore you simply need to add their username and they will be immediately added. For the rare occasions when you might want to add someone who is not a member of the university, please remember to follow these guidelines.