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    Reflective Summary – 17634050

    Throughout my 12 weeks in this module, I definitely have learnt a lot more in factors of EQ, how to understand microphone placement and the information Hertz provide when recording. ProTools is a program I am very familiar with as I have used it in college for 3 years. As it progressed, I feel I had only basic knowledge with ProTools and this module, along with this specific assignment, helped me learn much more with using ProTools much easier and to a professional standard. When recording our sounds, the pure essence of the music concrete, was to base it fully on technology. We recorded normal bits of technology that most people use in their day to day lives, such as, laptop keys, messenger tones, camera shots, gaming consoles, etc.
    At first it deemed difficult to incorporate these pieces of audio into a music concrete, however as we worked through, a standard beat progressed from the keys of a laptop and we progressed with editing the audio from there. As the music concrete progressed, we decided that if we wanted to show how horrible it is that we prioritize technology more than our own well-being, we would need to make the music concrete progress into something horrible, and almost uncomfortable to listen to.
    How we did this is we developed a perfectly timed and well produced section for the vast majority of the music concrete and when it got to the main point of the message we were sending, we involved a microwave and a kettle boiling over all the rest of the audio files, with a mass amount of reverb and volume to enforce the idea of a ‘mess’. Along with these sounds, our extra audio files were moved out of time and also supported the concept of a ‘mess’. By using reverb, the essential ‘mess’ we enforced by the constant repeat of the microwave and kettle noises on top of the rest of the audio. This helped me practice how I can use midi and modulation with other audio files and learn more towards using other kinds of modulation with the general knowledge given from the course.
    Overall, I feel the overall message we sent was enforced perfectly with the way our music concrete created the sense of excitement and happy, calming emotion and as it progressed, it keeping that tone bringing more into the idea of everything being okay, then the sudden change in tone, and pace, where everything changes out of proportion and then making the listener more uncomfortable and in a sense, unable to listen to it. The point of this is to generate the idea of trauma, and sadness, as the priority shouldn’t be based on the technology we use in this day and age.
    In conclusion, this module has taught me a lot in being more knowledgeable with how to use ProTools and the concepts behind audio. I have always wanted to know more about the fundamentals of recording and editing audio and this module definitely helped much more than it did in my previous years in lower education.

    Yousef El-Sibai