• Taylor Slinger posted an update in the group Audio Production 2017 – Soundscape December 19, 2017 9:05 pm

    Reflective summary – 16605097
    Over the past 12 weeks working on this module I feel that I have gained a good understanding and basic idea of certain aspects of audio editing and production. I have really enjoyed using recording equipment and being able to really consider the world around us and the sort of sounds we ignore on an every day basis. Creating our piece has allowed me to really listen to sounds within a piece of music or sound within visual media and determine where they may have come from. Some of the sounds I recorded earlier on in the development process have been changed a lot using EQ and boosting. This was interesting when making the Time Script for the piece as I had to identify what each sound was throughout. Some of the sounds has been changed so much from the original recording such as the sounds made by the Xbox One console.
    Throughout this term I have learned a lot about Pro-Tools considering the software was completely new to me at the start of the year. I feel that I can now complete basic editing and mixing tasks, such as clipping and adding effects like EQ and compression. I have enjoyed seeing how adding stems to a Pro-Tools session one by one can bring a piece of music together.
    When I first found out about the assignment at the start of the year I was excited to work in a small group to produce something that I hadn’t really heard about before. When we started discussing our idea I was really excited at the idea of being able to go out and record our own sounds and then being able to go on to editing and mixing those recordings. As I was new to Pro-Tools I wasn’t 100% confident in the editing stage so this is something the other members of my group worked on more.
    As a group we decided to produce a music concrete which is very similar to a soundscape, although it involved using sounds that aren’t made by conventional music instruments. This was a little difficult at first as we had to choose sounds that we could make sound musical. Our idea had to be based around something that we could almost relate to, and so we decided to focus on technology. This is also really applicable to the course as a whole as we often use technology as a source for creativity. I have learned a lot about the technologies and software used in audio production over the past 12 weeks and feel like this basic knowledge has and will allow me to gain a further understanding in the coming semester. Some of the things I have learned about in seminars and workshops is the meanings of terms such as compression and Phasing.
    I have found it very interesting learning about the fundamentals of audio and sound creation throughout this term and look forward to learning more in the future. I have been able to access a good stream of information as well as practical support in order to complete this module to the best of mine and my groups abilities to create our final product.