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    First hello all, it’s a pleasure to join the group. I’m about to start the BUS3091M-1516 course (30 Nov 15). On the ‘Welcome’ page on BB it states ‘When accessing resources especially the Study Guide please ensure it is the guide associated with your specific degree programme. However, the IPE docs in the ‘Module Resources’ page refer to ‘Retail’ and ‘Business Engineering’. Has anyone on the Bus Man course accessed the doc specifically for Bus Man?

    • Hi Heather, my name is Jessica and I am the administrator for your course. I have checked your access and you should be able to see the first 3 modules of the programme- Study Skills (BUS3092M 15-16) Integrating Professional Experience (BUS3091M 15-16) and Management of Change (ENM3021M 15-16). You should also be able to see the WBDL programmes site. This is an umbrella site where the information about all the programmes are kept. I can assure you that you are attached to the correct modules ready to start the course on Monday.
      If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the WBDL Admin Team at