To access your sites or to create a new site please login. 

This service is available to all staff and students giving you a platform to set up your own website, blog or online portfolio for the purpose of personal use, research or projects. Users will have access to a variety of themes and plugins to make their sites their own – more guidance on this can be found on our help page. 

If you are a student who has been asked to create a new assessed site as part of your coursework, please visit coursework.lincoln.ac.uk and follow the instructions. 

Options for site visibility can be changed on the site creation page, to keep sites only accessible to logged in users or only specific users whilst under development. 

Service Level Agreement

We will host sites while users are members of staff or students at the University and for at least one additional year after. Sites may also be deleted upon request and we ask that sites that are no longer in use be archived.